// President’s Message – Everest Academy Secondary School

President’s Message

We aim to provide students necessary tools and skills to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.”

Dear Guardians,

We envision nurturing the students of our school as learners, inculcating values and arming them with the necessary skills will help them make the nation proud. The school management team and all family members are endeavoring to bring together a great learning community. We strive to build independent, responsible, global citizens through a widely accepted curriculum and practices that are founded on learner-centric education. Therefore, the school will impart world class education through the best use of modern resources, developing young minds to think, question and create.

We aim to fuse the strong cultural fundamentals of Nepalese society with advanced learning tools acquired from the world over giving education an exciting and dynamic direction.

As we open our doors to each new generation of students, expectations run high as we believe that each and every one of them will grow into the stars in our skies. Every day, every year we scale new heights, never standing still.

Mr. Dhruba Raj Bhattarai

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